Meet the Staff

Staff Veterinarians

Luke Wagner, DVM

Dr. Wagner is a graduate from Purdue University. He has been employed at APEC since July 1999. Dr. Wagner is happily married and a dedicated father to his daughter & son. In his spare time Dr. Wagner attends church, swims, cycles & loves to garden.


Michelle Hughes, DVM

Dr. Hughes is a graduate from Auburn University. She has been employed at APEC since December 2006. Dr. Hughes loves to garden in her free time. Her favorite rose is the Hybrid Tea. Dr. Hughes also attends church & enjoys spending time with her family.

Sarah Henry, DVM

Dr. Henry is a graduate from Purdue University. She has been employed at APEC since January 2009. In her free time Dr. Henry takes care of her cats and 2 dogs, attends arts & craft shows, knits, reads, & travels. Dr. Henry enjoys treating exotic pets & learning new activities.

Office Managers

Toni has been employed at APEC since July 1999 as a Veterinary Assistant. She has been in a position of management since 2005. She began working as the Finance Director in 2008. Toni is a loving and dedicated mother to her 2 children and her cat and dog. She is very involved in church as well as busy home schooling her children.

Amanda has been employed at APEC since 2001 as a Veterinary Assistant. She graduated from Ivy Tech in 2006 with an AAS in Business Administration with a Specialty in Management. Since 2008 Amanda has also been working as the Staffing Director. She has been happily married since 2002, has 2 children, and a multitude of pets.

Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, going to church, and reading in her spare time.


 Veterinary Technicians

Rachel has been employed at APEC since November 2008. She graduated from Parkland College in May 2008 with an AAS in Veterinary Technology. Rachel is married and the dedicated mom to a multitude of animals. Rachel is motivated to put forth a great effort because she believes animals deserve the best Every Day!

Chandra has worked as a veterinary assistant since 2012, she is a graduate of Harrison College's RVT program & became a licensed RVT in January 2015. Channy is a wonderful mother to her 2 daughters and in her spare time she loves to cook and bake.

Allison graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Animal Health Technology in December 2014. In addition to working at APEC since August 2014, Allison also works for Warrick Vet Clinic, Newburgh Plaza. In September 2014 she passed her IN jurisprudence, making her a Registered Veterinary Technologist! In Allison's spare time she volunteers with Warrick County's 4-H & is the Superintendent of their Rabbit division.

 Veterinary Assistants  

Angelena has been working as a Veterinary Assistant since 1998. She is the mother of two and has two grandsons. Angelena enjoys music and dance, working out, sports and playing the guitar.

Caresse has been working in the veterinary field since 2003. Caresse has an Associates Degree from Ivy Tech in Photography. Caresse loves working with exotics & hopes to one day work with large cats.

Alex has been employed at APEC since April 2014, he has previous experience at North Park Veterinary Care. He is interested in continuing his education & has grown tremendously during his employment with us! In his free-time Alex enjoys playing music, he can play the guitar & drums.

Nicole is a graduate of Harrison College's RVT program and is pursuing becoming registered. She has been an employee at APEC since August 2014 and is also employed at East Pines Animal Clinic. Nicole does what she does because she loves animals and loves working with them. She is inspired by knowing that she is doing what she can to help!